Community Books is currently closed! We will open it back up again if Perth libraries have to close again. Thank you so very much for all of your support.


What are Community Books?

Free books for people who are doing it tough. Community Books is a way for Rabble and the community to give back to people who might be struggling financially right now. We think reading is essential, and in these times especially it's important for our mental health to be able to escape into a good book.

If you aren't in a position to buy a book, please "purchase" one of our FREE Community Books. They are all listed in our Community Books category. If you know someone who is having a hard time, let them know, or just send them a book. All books are new. What you do with them after you read them is up to you. Keep them. Put them in a street library. Leave them on the doorstep of a friend.

If you're in a position to buy a book from Rabble, please continue to do so - we rely on your ongoing support! 

Do I qualify for Community Books?

Would you really like a book or a game but can't buy one due to your financial situation? Do you normally get books or games from the library? Then Community Books is for you. You don't have to explain your circumstances to us, just get a free book or game from the Community Books category on our website.

How will I get my book?

You can collect it from the shop - we will email you when the order is ready for pick up. Or, if you live within 10kms of Rabble, we can deliver it to your door. Place your order by 10am Saturday for delivery over the weekend. If you're further afield, you will have to pay for postage at this stage ($8.95).

Where do the books come from?

Some books have been kindly donated by Allen & Unwin, Thames and Hudson and Puffin Books, and Rabble have paid for the rest - we want to continue to support our amazing authors and publishers. It is our hope that those in our community who are in a position to do so will help us carry Community Books forward by purchasing donations.

Can I support Community Books?

Yes! Purchase a book or game in the usual way on the website and select "Donation" at check out, or specify which item you are donating in the notes if you add one to a bigger order. Alternatively, you can donate an amount and we will use that to continue to curate the Community Books section, filling gaps as they appear and expanding it in response to particular demands - see the "Donation" category. We will keep contributing too.

Do you accept Second-Hand Books as donations?

No, we don't accept used books, but there are lots of other options if you have a book you'd like to share with others: use street libraries, your local buy nothing group or mutual aid network, or arrange to leave them on the doorstep of a friend.

We are however accepting used puzzles that you have purchased from us. They need to be in great condition, and we will quarantine them for 3 days before making them available to Community Books.